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"Anyone can build a vacation, we build experiences."

Many times when clients walk into or call our office they say, "Wow! I didn't know Travel Agents still exist." Well we do and we are stronger than ever in building dream vacations and life experiences for our valued clients.

Our company was formed to provide innovative, impeccable service to our clients, by our team of professional "Travel Artists", that have a passion for travel. Our team travels the Globe extensively to bring our clients first hand knowledge of the up and coming destinations, "Hot" new hotels and ships, local restaurants, neighborhood hang-outs, bars, pubs, best beaches, and the places to be seen or not to be seen. We pride ourselves in bringing you extraordinary experiences, anywhere you choose to go.

Our services go beyond that of the internet based travel agency or even the typical travel agency, because of our skill and expertise in World wide travel planning. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a "Return on Life". 

We specialize in customized travel itineraries, offering personalized, and unique experiences for each client. 
 We invite you to contact our entrusted team of Travel Artists, who will manage your most valued asset - your well earned leisure time.

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Sandra Staples

Artistico Travel Consultants, Inc.

Folsom, CA

“In my 28 years in the travel industry I have worked all sides of the business; airline employee, reservations for a Hawaii wholesale company, front-line International travel advisor, team leader, travel manager, travel trainer, business development manager for a cruise line, and now Virtuoso Member agency owner,” Staples says. “From all this, I have gained first-hand experiences that allow me the necessary tools to stay in the forefront of our ever changing business. Upon opening my brand new agency, just over a year ago, I developed a million dollar sales revenue from zero by building quality relationships and delivering superior customer service to my clients, and now have over a 90% percent repeat client ratio.”

That repeat rate may have something to do with Staples’ ability to think quickly and solve problems: Years ago, she had clients traveling to Australia via Papeete. She offered to help the clients obtain their Australian visa, but they declined. “Departure day arrives, and I receive a call…from the client stating they were being denied boarding as they only had a MasterCard and no Visa!” Staples talked the Airline Agent into terminating their ticket in Papeete, and booked them into Moorea and Bora Bora in over-water bungalows, even getting the fees waived. The vacation was saved and the clients finally made it to Australia the following year—“with Visas in their Passports!”

Gary Bertsch, a client, says that Staples makes the most of the customer’s office visits, making sure she understands each individual’s needs, budget constraints and special requests. “She assesses pricing, amenities, and perks for each client. She recommends places to visit and arranges exquisite accommodations…She is prompt in replies and pays heed our special requests. Sandy is very knowledgeable but researches what she can’t validate, and gets back to us.”

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